How long do I need to order in advance?

This depends on the type of cake you require. If you’re ordering a custom cake, then please give me as much notice as possible. Preferably a couple months in advance.

How do I order a cake?

Please either send me a message through the Contact Form or get in touch with me via Facebook. We can then discuss your requirements where I can quote you a price.

Can I collect my order?

Of course! You may collect. However, please be aware that as soon as your order has been taken away I cannot be responsible for it.

Can my order be delivered?

Yes. A delivery fee will be included in your quote depending on your location.

Since we are a family run business, all cakes are delivered in person and not through a courier.

Please Note: I am only able to deliver to the Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Retford and Doncaster regions (plus surrounding villages.)

When do you require payment?

We require payment in full once you collect or we deliver your order. For large orders, a non refundable deposit will be required.

What are your payment methods?

I can accept either cash payments or bank transfers. Please let me know if you require a receipt.

Where should I put the cake to transport?

The best place is either secure in the boot or a foot well. Not on a seat which is not level where the cake could fly off if you have to do an emergency break. If the cake is not too large then on a passengers lap would be fine.

What size cake do I need?

We always try and quote for the right size cake to feed the number of people attending your function or party. Please see our Portion Guide.

Do you bake cakes suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

All our cakes are suitable for vegetarians. Unfortunately, not for vegans at this time.

Do you bake gluten-free cakes?

Unfortunately not at this time as I bake in environment which handles gluten.

How long do your cakes last?

Cakes should last up to 5 days from collection if they are covered up and stored at room temperature.

Can’t seen an answer to your question?

Please do get in touch via the Contact page or send me a message on my Facebook page πŸ˜€